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Vermont Spirits Distilling Co

Vermont Gold Vodka

Vermont Gold Vodka

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Award-Winning Small Batch Vodka, 100% Forest To Bottle

  • Only Local Maple & Pure Vermont Water Feature In Its Distillation
  • Unique Process Utilizing Glass Fractioning Column Still
  • Naturally Gluten-Free, Grain-Free and Organic

Variants: 750mL, 375mL
Alc. 40% by Vol. (80 Proof)

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    Tasting Notes & Drink Concepts

    Exceptionally clean. Some very subtle notes of caramel and vanilla. Rich, sweet and lingering.

    Crystal clear in color and instantly recognizable. Notes of white pepper and toasted wood on the tongue, with subtle aromas of maple sweetness and caramel. The taste is light and teasing, with the richness of lingering butterscotch balanced by the bite of alcohol. A bright, clean, and delicate maple sugar finish. Entirely gluten-free and grain-free; there is no other vodka like it.

    Distiller's Note

    For love of the land. Our story began nearly 30 years ago. While living in East Asia, our anthropologist founder and native New Englander noticed people who lived in balance with the land, taking and giving and making beautiful things. When he returned to Vermont, he was inspired to celebrate our land too. With an abundance of natural resources at hand, he came up with the idea to distill the alcohol of fermented maple. Over the years we have perfected our method and we continue to honor the craft and make our vodka by hand. The art of distillation is in the cut between wanted and unwanted compounds. Vermont Gold Vodka, with it's recognizable flavor profile, makes the cuts challenging. But we are proud to have developed methods that bring consistency to our product without compromising quality. Alc. 40% by Vol. (80 Proof)