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Vermont Spirits Distilling Co

Coppers Barrel Gin

Coppers Barrel Gin

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A barrel-finished gin, with rich wood flavors, mellowed juniper and warm notes of cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom.

A Must-Have For Gin Collectors & Whiskey Lovers
A New Expression of a Classic Spirit
Rich & Warm, Transformed By Time

Variants: 750mL, 375mL
Alc. 43% by Vol. (85 Proof)

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Tasting Notes & Drink Concepts

Mixologists' favorite. Mellow juniper, rich woody notes and warm cinnamon and vanilla. Medium body; smooth finish.

Copper color, aged gin. Dry wood aromas hit the nose first, followed by hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The barrel flavor carries through the mid-palate, with notes of cardamom and coriander early on. A vibrant, medium body with compelling notes of vanilla and peppery, caramelized pineapple, followed by mellow juniper and mint for an incredibly smooth finish, and a light floral aftertaste. Drink neat or in a classic bourbon, gin or rum cocktail.

Distiller's Note

Coppers Barrel Gin begins with our more traditional Coppers American Gin. We use a selection of botanicals that go well with the barrel-aging process. The Vermont climate (a cycle through the seasons) and the relatively dry conditions contribute to the transformation which takes place in the barrel. We age the gin for a number of years until the gin takes on a wonderful amber color. The taste is elevated with rich woody notes and a mellowing of the juniper that typically leads a gin. With the juniper softened, we bring forward the other botanical notes, like cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom and coriander. Because the gin is aged, the mid-palate gives way to an unexpectedly long finish. This is one of my favorite craft spirits we make here in the distillery. The combination of methods and ingredients are surprising and delightful. Alc. 43% by Vol. (85 Proof)