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Vermont Spirits Distilling Co

Coppers American Gin

Coppers American Gin

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A contemporary gin crafted with handpicked wild Vermont juniper berries and a simple blend of botanicals

Award-Winning Contemporary Gin For Gin Lovers

Exotic & Spicy For Sophisticated G&T's

Neat With A Lemon Twist Or Upgrade Your Favorite Cocktail

Variants: 750mL, 375mL
Alc. 43% by Vol. (85 Proof)

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Tasting Notes & Drink Concepts

Sophisticated. Subtle notes of citrus, herbal spicy aromas . Dry, light & peppery.

Clear color, bright, light and pleasantly spiced. Fragrant herbal aroma, rich in spicy citrus and juniper with a heavy hit of cardamom. On the palate the spice continues, with notes of ground black pepper and orange peel. A juniper-led, medium length finish. A traditional but more sophisticated gin. Drink neat with a lemon twist or enjoy Vermontly with a gin & tonic.

Distiller's Note

Coppers American Gin is made with our custom-built copper pot still (a re-engieered choclatier's pot originally used in Burlington, Vermont). Coppers American Gin celebrates the delicate balance of the art & science of craft distilling. We handpick the wild junipers for Coppers American Gin each fall. We carefully select a blend of botanicals to round out the wild junipers. We sample with our five senses and decades of experience to arrive at a sophisticated flavor profile that makes Coppers American Gin stand out from the rest. The result is a remarkable gin that highlights the natural abundance of forest here in Vermont. Alc. 43% by Vol. (85 Proof)